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  • Jun 29,  · Almost twice as many countries have reported a rise in new cases over the past two weeks as have reported declines, according to a New York Times database. On June 17, more new cases were reported.
  • How Many More Times Lyrics: How many more times must I cry / How many more times must I say goodbye / To you / I've opened all the way / For you / It's always just someday / How many more times.
  • The same rule applies to "many a times". "A" is a singular indefinite article, and "times" is plural. The two do not mix, therefore, it is wrong. "Many a times" may be a colloquialism, but it is still incorrect. "Many a time" and "many times" mean the same thing, but "many a time" is a more formal or old-fashioned way to say "many times".
  • “How Many More Times” is the longest running song on Led Zeppelin’s debut album. It was written by all members of the band, although Robert Plant was not credited for writing on the first.
  • Mar 13,  · But How Many More Times Will I Get to See Her? Visiting My Sick Mom Could Put Her Life at Greater Risk. The author and her mother, photographed in Oregon in the s.
  • For many times, you can click the link for more information.") You can use "for" with an ordinal: for the first time, for the 20th time, for the last time. Notice that it's always time, not times, in these examples. You can also use "for" with a duration: for years, for the summer, for a long time.
  • How Many More Times: How Many More Times (live, Paris) I Can't Quit You Baby: I Can’t Quit You Baby: I Can’t Quit You Baby (live, Paris) Immigrant Song: In My Time of Dying: In the Evening: Kashmir: Misty Mountain Hop: Rock and Roll: More Albums.
  • You would never say "a tenth times more" or "half times more" or even "one time(s) more." And "one and a half times more" should be x the original. On the other hand, "three times as many more" would indeed be ambiguous. – Peter Shor Jun 16 '11 at
  • Synonyms for many times include day after day, repeatedly, again and again, frequently, often, over and over, time and again, year in, year out, constantly and continuously. Find more .

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