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  • Apr 25,  · “Jaundice” is the medical term that describes yellowing of the skin and eyes. Jaundice itself is not a disease, but it is a symptom of several possible Author: Kristeen Moore.
  • The Character known as Yellowfinger Heysel is an enemy NPC invader in Dark Souls Yellowfinger Heysel is a member of the Rosaria's Fingers covenant, and according to Ringfinger Leonhard, is a.
  • Nail discoloration, in which the nails appear white, yellow, or green, can result from different infections and conditions of the skin. In about 50% of cases, discolored nails are a result of infections with common fungi that can be found in the air, dust, and soil. There are many species of fungi that can affect nails.
  • Feb 03,  · Raynaud disease is a disorder that affects blood circulation, usually in the hands and feet. The arteries (blood vessels) that carry blood to your fingers, toes, ears, or nose tighten. This is often triggered by cold or emotional stress. The decrease in blood flow causes a .
  • Finger numbness: Remove a symptom. Yellow skin: causes: Yellow skin; Introduction: Yellow skin; Yellow skin: Add a 3rd symptom; Yellow skin: Remove a symptom. Results: Causes of Finger numbness AND Yellow skin. 1. Pernicious anemia Show causes with descriptions» | Start Again» Note: Do not use for diagnosis; see limitations of results.
  • Aug 03,  · It happens without warning. Fingers feel almost numb or like frostbite. I have not gotten an assessment from my doctor yet on what could be causing this problem. I asked my pharmacist if there are any medications that could cause this problem. She noted that some medications can cause finger nails to turn yellow, but not the finger itself.
  • The Yellow Finger Gorgonian has deep Yellow branches with darker Yellow or orange raised cups, called calyces, on the surface. White to translucent polyps extend out from these cups The colorful gorgonian Diodogorgia nodulifera is truly a beauty, and .
  • Soak your fingers in a bowl of lemon juice for five minutes. Take them out and scrub the skin gently with a pumice stone. Repeat the process of soaking and scrubbing until all of the yellow stains are gone. Avoid scrubbing too hard with the pumice stone, as this can irritate and damage the skin.

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